• Monday - Thursday rentals are $2500, unless specified otherwise on calendar above.

  • Please familiarize yourself  with the common questions listed below prior to scheduling a tour. Yes, it's lengthy but will likely answer 95% of all your questions. Private tours can be scheduled by clicking the button above. Don't worry, they are informal. 

  • If the rental fee is listed on a date, it's still available.

  • Rental rates subject to change.



My name is Chris Petzolt and I am the owner here at Ranch Austin. In early 2015, my wife Melissa and I built Ranch Austin from the ground up. Now I am not bragging but the venue turned out spectacular. Truth be told, we have been putting smiles on people’s faces ever since! If you don’t believe me, check out our reviews page when you have time. But first, let’s discuss availability and pricing. The good stuff!

Selecting the right venue can be a little overwhelming to say the least. There are many questions to think about and it seems as though every venue has different rules or policies to consider. Some venues require you to hire their preferred vendors, some don’t. Some require additional things like insurance, security guard and others don’t. Not to worry, at Ranch Austin we have a very direct approach. We don’t like surprises and neither do you!


This direct approach starts below where you will find the most frequently asked questions during tours. It’s kind of like a cheat sheet or cliff notes to the rental agreement. By familiarizing yourself with the FAQs, you will know exactly what to expect prior to your personal tour or joining us for our next informal open house

Please never hesitate to reach out to us with any questions & thank you for checking out Ranch Austin!

Chris Petzolt, Owner

Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION: Does the rental pricing listed on the calendar include food, alcohol or other services like the DJ or a wedding planner?


Short Answer: No


The pricing listed on the Ranch Austin calendar above is for the venue rental only (use of facility) and our standard rental inclusions listed in the following question. It should be noted, the listed rental fee is the EXACT amount you will pay Ranch Austin. Meaning we don’t have any extra “hidden” rental fees, taxes or additional mandatory services. We don’t like surprises and know you don’t either! We pride ourselves in this direct approach.

QUESTION: What is included in the Ranch Austin rental fee? 

  • Use of our elegant indoor banquet hall with seating for up to 160 guests. This is typically where the dinner takes place and in inclement weather, the ceremony.


  • Full access to over 10,000 square feet of outdoor patio surrounded by beautiful large oaks wrapped in white lights. Outdoor areas includes a covered stage, covered bar,  covered patio with gas fire surround and choice of 2 outdoor ceremony sites. 

  • 12 hours rental. Typically, that time is from 12pm-11:59pm, but can be adjusted to an earlier start/end time if desired. Example, if you are having a Sunday brunch wedding, you might want your block of time from 8am-8pm. Rental end time can not exceed 11:59pm.  

  • (200)  Mahogany folding chairs, (20)  60" Round tables, (6)  30" Cocktail tables  (6)   Rectangle tables

  • 2 Large separate dressing rooms with private patios

QUESTION: What are your ceremony site options and can we decorate them?

We have two great ceremony sites. The first option is our covered stage, shaded under our beautiful old oaks and the second site is in the open pasture with benches. During the hot summer months, we strongly encourage using the shaded area for the ceremony site.

QUESTION: Can we bring in our own vendors (catering, DJ, photography, etc.) or does Ranch Austin require we only use their preferred vendors?


Short Answer: Yes

To help save you time and frustration, Ranch Austin has compiled a list of great approved vendors that are familiar with the venue. We strongly encourage our clients to choose from our approved vendors list. That being said, we will allow third party vendors to be hired/work at Ranch Austin, however they will be required to provide proof of General Liability insurance, a point of contact and be familiarized with the rules/regulations at Ranch Austin.


Note: All Third party Catering & Bartending companies are required to complete a separate agreement, made directly between their company and the venue. The same holds true for the company providing the entertainment (DJ or Band). These vendor to venue agreements protect you from hiring vendors that could jeopardize your damage deposit.

QUESTION: How many people can be seated in the banquet hall?

The inside of the venue can comfortably hold up to 160 guests with factoring 8 guest per round table. 


Yes, you have the option for dinner and dancing outdoors as well. 

QUESTION: Can the DJ set up outdoors for the dancing portion of the event?

Yes. Many of our couples LOVE having the dancing outdoors. Some even have both the dancing & dinner outside! 

*Outdoor amplified music is required to be off by 11:00pm on Friday & Saturday and 10:00pm on Sunday-Thursday . 

QUESTION: How do you reserve a date with Ranch Austin? How much is the down payment? Do you accept credit card?

To reserve your date at Ranch Austin, simply fill out “New Client Contact Form”  and we will send you over the rental agreement online through a secure signing system called Docusign.  This makes it fast and easy for you (no scanning, faxing, etc.) and at completion of signing, it will automatically send you a copy for your records.


The 1st rental fee deposit is due upon signing of the rental agreement. The deposit  amount is 50% of the total rental fee.  The remaining 50% of the rental fee is due 90 days prior to the event. These payments will be set up with your credit card and autodrafted. 

QUESTION: Do you have any Ranch Austin rental discounts?

5% Discount off rental rate: Active Military (bride or groom only please)

5% Discount off rental rate: Rental fee paid in full upon signing of rental agreement. Cash only.

*By eliminating merchant fees, bank fees and admin cost, we can pass that savings along to you

Grooms Cabin

QUESTION: Can I provide and serve my own alcohol?

You will be responsible for purchase and delivery of your alcohol on the day of your event. Once the event commences (guest begin to arrive), all alcohol must be served by a licensed and insured bartending company. This means the bartender can’t just be an old college buddy who is TABC certified. We highly recommend hiring a catering company that offers bartending services as part of their catering package. Your hired caterer will already be required to supply the ice, cups, mixers, etc. for the food portion of the event so typically can add on the bartending service for less cost than say a third party standalone bartending company.

*The bar must close no later than 11pm

QUESTION: Do you have hotels close by or onsite accommodations?

There are many hotels in a close proximity to Ranch Austin. See list of hotels and contact information by clicking here.

QUESTION: Are pets allowed at Ranch Austin?

We strongly discourage bringing your pet(s) to Ranch Austin. The property is not fenced for small animals and could potentially be dangerous around our longhorns. However, as animal lovers ourselves, we will allow 1 personal pet to be a guest at the event if desired by the client. Please use a leash as we cannot be responsible for their safety on the ranch.

QUESTION: Are sparklers allowed for the send off?

Yes, sparklers are allowed. No rice, confetti or bird seed is allowed.

QUESTION: Can the longhorns be close to the venue for pictures during the event?

Yes, it’s true. At Ranch Austin we have some spectacular Longhorns walking around that are usually the first thing guests notice upon arrival. At your request, we will definitely try our best to bring them in close for your guests to enjoy and to snap some pics with, to share with their friends

QUESTION: What are the top 3 things that make Ranch Austin the best private venue in Austin?

1) This question contains the answers in and of itself. Austin! We are one of the only private venues of this size actually located in Southwest Austin and sitting on such a large piece of land.  Once you arrive at Ranch Austin, you will start to feel as though you are at a private oasis and soon forget you are only 15 minutes from downtown Austin. Even more importantly, we’re conveniently located 10 minutes from major hotels for your out of town guests. As you’re probably finding out, there are MANY beautiful venues to choose from, but the majorities are located 45-60 minutes outside of Austin. This usually equates to over a 2 hour drive from main points of travel such as the airport and makes it harder for guest to find hotel availability.  Plus, if you are providing transportation for your guests the rates are much higher due to mileage.  Uber and taxi services are also available to/from Ranch Austin.   


2) We are locally owned and operated! Because of this, we strive for perfection. If you don’t believe us, check out our reviews!


3) Uniquely designed to fit all styles with many options to choose from. Outdoor space, indoor space, you name it, we have options!

QUESTION: Does Ranch Austin allow food trucks?

Yes, food truck catering is permitted, however they will be required to follow the same rules and policies as full service catering companies. This means that they must provide items such as beverage stations (water, tea, etc.) and staffing to stay until the end of the event to bus the tables, clean up the food and take out the trash. Many food trucks do not provide this type of service or any services outside of supplying the food. In those cases, you will need to hire a third party catering service company to fulfill this requirement. Please familiarize yourself with the “Third Party Catering Agreement” prior to hiring a food truck or any catering company outside our approved list. 

QUESTION: Can we set up a bar on the covered patio or do we have to use the permanent outdoor bar?

It is not uncommon for us to see the bar setup on the back covered patio. This covered patio is a great place for the bar and cocktail tables.

QUESTION: Would you consider Ranch Austin rustic?

Don’t let the name fool you.  The venue was designed to appeal to a variety of styles and decors. We like to describe it as, “Beautiful without her make up on, stunning when all dolled up!” This saying means the venue doesn’t have to be overly decorated to still have that magical day you have always dreamed of.  In a time when it seems as though every rusty barn is being transformed into a venue, Ranch Austin hopes to be a refreshing breath of fresh air.

QUESTION: Do you require any additional deposits, like for damages? If so, how much?

Yes, 48 hours prior to your event a $750 damage deposit will be drafted from your card on file. If no damage or fees are incurred, a full refund of the damage deposit will be returned in 3-5 days following your event. The refund will appear in your account within 7-10 business day.


 Venue located in SW Austin. Approximately 15 min from downtown Austin.  

10313 Circle Dr. Austin TX 78736      Call or Text 512-748-8362     team@RanchAustin.com

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