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Length of the outdoor aisle

Concrete to arbor 163ft

Start of the bridge to the arbor is 148ft

End of the bridge to arbor 130ft

Aisle is 8ft wide

Dimensions of the outdoor arbor (for draping) 

Altar by the windmill

Height 8ft, 3" ground to top beam

Deep 9ft, 9" front to back

Wide 9ft, 1"  left to right

Ranch Austin Wedding Venue

Dimensions of the covered stage (for draping) 

Stage is 15’x18’

Beam is 18ft wide and 10ft high from ground.

8ft ladder best to use for hanging items from beam

Dimensions of rockwall inside the building

Height 8 1/2 ft

Width 17 ft, 5 inches

Depth of top beam 7 1/2 inches

Size of benches at the windmill ceremony site.

12ft x 11 inches, 6 people per bench, total of 26 benches

Can the benches from the windmill ceremony site be moved to the covered stage?

No, the benches are to wide to serve as the guest seating at the covered stage.

Length of aisle to stage.

From covered patio doors to stage-136ft 

Do you have sound system for indoors?

Ranch Austin has 2 ceiling mounted speakers installed on the inside of the building and 2 ceiling mounted speakers installed on the covered patio. These speakers can be tapped into/used with an iphone, computer, etc and great for back ground music. These 4 speakers are typically not used as the primary source of sound for dancing music. Your DJ will need to set up their speakers indoors for the dancing music. We do not provide microphones or the source for music (computer, iphone, etc).  

Do you have a sound system for outdoors?

All outdoor  music must be played through our 2 elevated loud speakers provided by Ranch Austin. These 2 speakers  can be plugged into through your DJ's sound board/mixing board, computer or iphone.


These elevated speakers are located near the outdoor dance floor and can not be moved. They are high end, JBL speakers and sound great!


NOTE: Any music needed out by the windmill ceremony site will require a speaker provided by you or your DJ. Our outdoor speakers are not portable. 


We do not provide microphones or the source (computer, iphone, etc) for music. 

Are pets allowed at Ranch Austin?

We strongly discourage bringing your pet(s) to Ranch Austin. The property is not fenced for small animals and could potentially be dangerous around our longhorns. However, as animal lovers ourselves, we will allow 1 personal pet to be a guest at the event if desired by the client. Please use a leash as we cannot be responsible for their safety on the ranch.

Available Tables and Linen Sizes (Linens NOT included)

(4) 6ft rectangular tables - 90” x 132” linens. 

(2) 8ft rectangular tables -  90” x 156” linens

(20) 60” round tables - 120” linens.  Seat 8-10 guests.

(6) 30” round cocktail tables - 120” length untied / 132" tied

Are food trucks allowed? Where do they park?

Yes, food truck catering is allowed.  However, a staffing company must be hired to bag all event trash and place into our onsite dumpster and to break down all Ranch Austin tables and chairs and place on designated carts. 

Can I provide and serve my own alcohol?

You will be responsible for purchase and delivery of your alcohol on the day of your event. Once the event commences (guest begin to arrive), all alcohol must be served by a licensed and insured bartending company. This means the bartender can’t just be an old college buddy who is TABC certified. We highly recommend hiring a catering company that offers bartending services as part of their catering package. Your hired caterer will already be required to supply the ice, cups, mixers, etc. for the food portion of the event so typically can add on the bartending service for less cost than a third party standalone bartending company.

*The bar must close no later than 11pm. 

Are sparklers allowed?

Yes, you can use sparklers for the couple send off. Please bring a bucket for your guests to discard used sparklers in.

Are sky lanterns allowed?


Are fireworks allowed?

No, unfortunately they scare our longhorns

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