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About:  Since 2016 I am a makeup artist at weddings, quinceañeras and social events, where I always apply all my knowledge to beautify my clients, Latin women and of international significance.

I maintain a constant training and updating in the world of makeup and beauty since this is a priority for me and is part of my professional ethics. I never miss the opportunity to continue learning and participate in innovation workshops. Recently I had the opportunity to attend as a professional makeup artist at the "Fashion Week" in Austin, Texas, a fashion event recognized as the best of the year.

I live in a country surrounded by a great diversity of cultures, which is why it is even more pride for me to show my roots and values ​​and I am very excited to continue embarking on this beautiful makeup industry.

Ranch Austin Approved Vendor
Ranch Austin Approved Vendor
Ranch Austin Approved Vendor

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 Venue located in SW Austin. Approximately 15 min from downtown Austin.  

10313 Circle Dr. Austin TX 78736      Call or Text 512-748-8362

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