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Company Name: Intelligent Lighting Design




Phone: (877) 266-6935



About:  Intelligent Lighting Design (ILD Lighting) is the most critically acclaimed event lighting design firm in Texas.


In 2006, ILD opened it’s doors to the event industry and made history by designing & manufacturing the cutting-edge iDesign LED lighting series for special events. Through ingenuity and in-house design, ILD created an affordable way to illuminate any event with color-matching capabilities and endless possibilities. With over 149 million colors to choose from, personalizing your event has never been easier.


With offices in Austin, Houston, and Dallas, ILD is a preferred event lighting vendor for over 40+ event facilities and 30+ event planners around the Lone Star State.


Intelligent Lighting Design is committed to excellence and setting a gold standard for the event industry.


Safety is our #1 priority. By using LED technology, ILD can ensure that your guests are safe at all times. Many of our clients’ events have children in attendance and, by using our line of lighting equipment, you never have to worry about a child getting burned or injured. Unfortunately, there are lighting companies around the State who choose to use halogen-based lighting equipment which can (1) burn any person who touches it, (2) melt nearby decor fixtures, (3) catch fabric on fire, and (4) produce excessive heat in a room. In our eco-friendly commitment, we designed LED technology lighting technology that is cool to the touch, does not produce heat, and is safe for children.


Customer service. Planning your event should be fun and enjoyable. We, at ILD, know that your overall event planning experience begins with our design team and in-office staff members. As your event comes together over a series of weeks and months, we want you to look forward to calling or emailing us with input about your event. Our goal is to influence you to tap into your creative abilities and truly create an event that fits your overall vision.


Cutting-edge mobile technology for ever-changing trends. As an ILD client, you have access to easy and efficient mobile solutions for making your scheduled payments, surfing our Client Center from your smartphone, color selection tools for iPad, Android, & Blackberry.


Expansive color reach and spreads. In the creation process of our exclusive line of lighting equipment, our design engineers produced lighting units that project color up to 60 feet high and maximums of 20 feet wide (based on the unit model). Many other lighting companies use halogen-based lighting, which has a color reach of 20 feet high and 3-4 feet wide.


Custom color matching is our speciality. Our LED technology lighting units provide you with no limitation to your creativity and freedom of expression. Each one of our lighting units can be programmed to the color of your choice, based on your event decor or overall event color scheme. Other lighting companies, who use halogen-based lighting, are limited to plastic sheets of colored paper they lay over their lighting units. Unfortunately, this limits the client to a small selection of colors. In addition, when using color overlays on halogen lighting, the color projection is flat or weak.





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