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About:  Founded in 1996, Flora Fetish is a wedding & event design boutique located in Austin, Texas and available for travel. We offer floral design, event styling, and décor rentals with our proposals. We specialize in full floral design plans from start to finish. We start with a brainstorming session in our showroom. From there we develop a design plan catered to the unique style of each client. Along the journey you can expect Flora Fetish to be your right hand. We bring to the table more than 30 years of experience in the industry. This is the Flora Fetish difference. We are an experienced team capable of designs ranging from simple and tradition to grandiose and innovative. Then finally, the fun part has arrived… your big day! Our design team arrives on site and your visions translate from brainstorming notebooks, proposal, Pinterest boards, and recipe lists to living art.


Our eclectic team of artists and designers are truly the finishing touch. We have in-house designers and a day of team that work together seamlessly to capture the vision of each client. Our team is recognized by the American Institute of Floral Design (AIFD) and holds certifications as an Advanced Master Florist. With an extensive experience and education, we are able to tailor each event. Therefore, no two events are the same.


We are grateful to be selected each year by our fabulous clients as the "Best of Pick" from the Knot Wedding Magazine and Wedding Wire. We have been featured in The Knot Magazine, Style Me Pretty, Bliss Bridal Magazine, Grace Ormonde, Brides Magazine, Junebug Wedding, Austin Wedding Day and Austin Wedding Guide, as well as other publications nationally and internationally.


Don’t just take our word for it! Come in to our showroom and see for yourself. We can’t wait to meet you!       

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Ranch Austin Wedding Preferred Florist
Ranch Austin Wedding Preferred Florist
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Questions to ask your Austin Florist
-provided by The Knot


The Question: Have you done many weddings?

Why You Want to Know: This is really code for: Do you know what you’re doing? Experience is usually a good indicator of expertise, and that’s important since it will mean she’ll be able to guide you through the process easily—even if you throw in some curveballs, like asking her how to create less expensive alternatives or which flowers are in season or grown in the region.


The Question: Can I see photographs or live examples of your work?

Why You Want to Know: Be wary if the answer is no. Pictures of past bouquets will help give you a sense if you and the florist have the same taste, and if she’s the best person to execute your vision. If her flowers reflect a wild and natural feel and you were looking for a minimalist vibe, you may want to look further. Seeing photos of her work will let you know exactly what she’s capable of and how it compares with your inspiration bouquets. The trick here though is having her tell you if the photo was something she considers her style or if it was the couple’s vision. Neither answer is bad—if you love the look, you know she’s capable of making it again; if you hate it, ask to see something she thinks is reflective of her own style.


The Question: Have you done weddings at our ceremony or reception site before?

Why You Want to Know: If so, she’ll be knowledgeable about what sizes, shapes and colors work in the venue. It’s also a great way to see how other couples transformed the space. If not, ask if she’d be willing to do a site visit to scope it out and takes note of any limitations (her answer should be yes!).


The Question: How many weddings are you handling on the same day or weekend as mine? Will you simply be dropping off flowers, or will you be helping set up too?

Why You Want to Know: If your florist is handling multiple clients, you’ll want to ensure she has enough staff (and time) to go around. Make sure the person you discuss your vision with is also the person who will be working on your wedding. If she has assistants, include them in your initial meetings. You’ll pay more for a full-service florist who makes sure everything is in order the day of, but it’s often worth the peace of mind.


The Question: Are you willing to work within my budget?

Why You Want to Know: This seems obvious, but it’s not just about making sure the florist will take the job. If your budget is low, talk openly and honestly about how much you can spend. Sometimes hearing “no” is a good thing, because then you can figure out how to compromise early on. It doesn’t mean they wont work within your budget, but maybe it’s impossible for anyone to accomplish what you want within that price range (read: you want a lush flower wall on a shoestring budget). Most florists can work with you no matter how much you have to spend, but it’s important to start the conversation early—and to be open to new ideas and alternatives.


The Question: Will you be responsible for working with my venue to find out about any restrictions they may have in terms of décor?

Why You Want to Know: You don’t want to be the middleman—florists have a better idea of what’s needed to carry out your vision, be it indoor topiaries or a 10-foot-tall floral huppah. Ideally, they’ll communicate with your venue directly to be sure your plans don’t interfere with their policies.


The Question: What other services do you offer?

Why You Want to Know: Most florists are actually more like event designers. You may be able to get extras, like fabric draping, lanterns, chairs, candelabras and lounge furniture, from them. And this could be a really good thing—dealing with one wedding pro rather than four or five can simplify the process and alleviate stress (sometimes you can save on delivery charges too!).


The Question: Who will handle setup and delivery? What about breakdown? How long will you need for both, and what are the fees?

Why You Want to Know: These are the sneaky line items on a proposal that can add up. Oftentimes, a florist assesses your budget for flowers and labor only, so ask about these “extras” that you can’t really avoid. Also, make sure pick up arrangements have been made for any rented items, like vases and arches.

 Venue located in SW Austin. Approximately 15 min from downtown Austin.  

10313 Circle Dr. Austin TX 78736      Call or Text 512-748-8362

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